Familes enjoying a sunny afternoon in Exploratory Park, Brent Cross Town

PLAY in your park

Exploratory Park is now open for use from early morning till dusk, daily – just a 12-minute walk from Brent Cross tube station.

Claremont Way

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Familes enjoying a sunny afternoon in Exploratory Park, Brent Cross Town

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Looking east over the new Claremont Park

with a NEW WAY

Let’s be BRAVER than ever

In a time of IMMENSE global challenge


The places we build must be more AMBITIOUS


Without cost to the world we SHARE

Brent Cross Town will do EXACTLY THAT

A Park Town for

6,700 homes.

Workplaces for 25,000.

Set around 50 acres

of green parks & playing fields.

Exercise, leisure and relaxation in the new Claremont Park

We’re making FOUR PLEDGES at Brent Cross that define our PARK TOWN model:


We will create THE PLACE in London to participate in SPORT and PLAY

An UNRIVALLED multi-sport destination that will TRANSFORM lives, UNITE people and BUILD communities.

Our vision combines multiple outdoor activities in acres of beautiful parkland alongside state-of-the-art indoor facilities. We will reach across the boundaries of age and culture, empower female participation and champion inclusion and diversity.


We will make a North London town where all can FLOURISH

Our ambition is to create a ‘flourishing’ community that values NEIGHBOURLINESS, INCLUSIVITY and GOOD HEALTH: a North London town where quality of life is the priority.

We’re introducing a new measure for individual and community success, in partnership with Buro Happold and the University of Manchester. We’re creating a new way to measure how well the people at Brent Cross Town are doing, and in turn how well we’re doing, evolving the focus of wellbeing from ‘me’ to ‘us’.


We will build a NET ZERO CARBON town

Brent Cross Town will address the urgent challenge of the global CLIMATE CRISIS, achieving net zero carbon by 2030 at the latest.

We’re addressing this with low-carbon construction, renewable power, circular economy principles, carbon offsetting — and by empowering everyone who lives and works here to make low-carbon lifestyle choices of their own.


We will strengthen connections with GREAT TRANSPORT into and out of central London

People and businesses at Brent Cross Town can stay close to customers, friends and family across the country, through EASY CONNECTIONS into and out of central LONDON.

The existing tube station will be complemented by a new rail station at Brent Cross West, providing access to central London in just 12 minutes. The town sits adjacent to the M1, making cities like Cambridge, Oxford and Birmingham easily accessible. More locally, new walking and cycle networks will connect the town with surrounding neighbourhoods.

The PARK TOWN plan

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The PARK TOWN plan The PARK TOWN plan The PARK TOWN plan The PARK TOWN plan
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