Familes enjoying a sunny afternoon in Exploratory Park, Brent Cross Town

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Exploratory Park is now open for use from early morning till dusk, daily – just a 12-minute walk from Brent Cross tube station.

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Familes enjoying a sunny afternoon in Exploratory Park, Brent Cross Town

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03 January 2021

Destination Brent Cross

Visualisation of Plots 1+2 from Station Square, Brent Cross Town
We are only a few minutes from the most significant city in Europe and everything that goes on within it.

We will be just 12 minutes from King’s Cross when Brent Cross West rail station opens in 2022. Yet plenty of Londoners are still a little hazy on this north-west quarter of the capital. John Forrester is president of Cushman & Wakefield – one of the largest real estate firms in the world – who we are working with on Brent Cross Town’s offices.

Forrester explained why “Where is Brent Cross?” is not a question people will be asking much longer.

Would you say that Brent Cross acts as a point that sits between London and the Oxford-Cambridge Arc? It’s got excellent transport links into the city, into King’s Cross – and also connects outward towards Oxford, Cambridge, Bedford. 

All of that and more. We are only a few minutes from the most significant city and metropolitan economy in Europe and everything that goes on within. That’s our most important adjacency. Then, we have access to material benefits, whether that’s educational or the fast-growing service and health economies – and then of course the three million people who can drive to us or have ease of access to our location. But we shouldn’t narrow Brent Cross’s attraction by defining it in relation to things – you never talk about central London being defined by its adjacency to anything, everything is adjacent to central London.

Why Brent Cross; what makes this the place to work that London needs now?

We’ve got all of the logistical advantages of connection and accessibility: the North Circular, the M1, the station and access to the underground. Most importantly of all, the site has the critical mass to create a new ‘how’: a new way of working and living in London. The scale of the site is an unusual opportunity in a city that is so highly developed and where ownership tends to be so fragmented.

Brent Cross is going to be highly successful because the scale provides the opportunity to do something that’s not just excellence in one building or two buildings, but a significant group of spaces and buildings to drive a successful new way of living, working and seeing the world. That opportunity drove King’s Cross and all it has become.

Headshot of man
John Forrester, photographed by Sam Bush
When I think of Brent Cross, I picture an area that has air, has space, has sky.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Future of the Workplace report predicts workplace ecosystems and inspiring destinations that will strengthen cultural connections. Both of those descriptions fit the vision for Brent Cross Town.

Authenticity of environment is ultimately being immersed in and surrounded by a true community, diverse in all of its aspects, where you can access different cultures, skills and backgrounds with different perspectives to the ultimate benefit of your organisation. Brent Cross Town is immediately adjacent to an extremely rich diversity of community – it’s that wonderful ingredient that makes London so special. The ecosystem of the office today is how work and the workplace integrate with the rest of life in a blurred-lines way. The future of the office is not just as a place for work – that has changed forever, Covid or otherwise. The office is a place you go to achieve all the work and career-based things you can’t do at home.

Such as collaborate with colleagues?

That is only one example, but a critical one. You could exercise at home, you can’t exercise with other people at home – the same goes for work activity. All the aspects of mentoring, training, development, teaming and building company culture. 

When I think of Brent Cross, I think of some lungs. I picture an area that has air, has space, has sky, all the things you can’t get in the very congested traditional centre of London. If a leading organisation company wanted to move its entire campus of London operations in the next five years, you could possibly only achieve the space and the lungs at Brent Cross. This is the right scheme at the right time. People don’t want more of what they’ve had for the last 50 years, just high-density urban development based only on public transport access. If we get this right, and Argent Related have an incredible track record in this respect, it will add another great village to London. Brent Cross Town is of the moment. 

You’ve only got one shot. 

Yes, which is why the trust comes with the brand of Argent Related. You’ve got the very best developers in the world to deliver it.

Visit our offices page for more information, or ring Forrester’s colleagues at Cushman & Wakefield to enquire about office space on +44 (0)20 7935 5000.